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Learn More About Vascular Diseases

At Atlanta Vascular Specialists, we genuinely care about our clients in Newnan, GA and surrounding areas. Unlike other practices, we strive to provide our patients with helpful information regarding vascular problems. To get a better idea about the causes and effects of these diseases, download our documents below.

Effective Treatments

Facing vascular problems can be serious. This is why our compassionate doctors and staff members are committed to supporting and treating our patients in a comforting and caring environment.

In addition, many of our treatments are minimally invasive. Furthermore, the majority of our procedures can be done in our office or an outpatient setting. Our surgeons also perform outpatient angioplasty and stenting for circulation problems.

For example, radiofrequency ablation can help alleviate the swelling, discomfort, and appearance of varicose veins. This in-office procedure only takes about 30 minutes and involves minimal discomfort, allowing patients to return to their everyday routine after a day.

More Details About Common Vascular Problems

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