Varicose Vein Treatment

At Atlanta Vascular and Vein Specialists of GA, we help treat the unwanted appearance and discomfort associated with varicose veins. With decades of experience in vascular surgery, we use the latest technology to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins while providing quality care.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged, twisted blood vessels just under the skin, often affecting the legs. When a vein becomes damaged or loses strength, blood cannot recirculate and pools in the affected area, which may cause swelling, knotting, and a purple or red appearance. Some people who have varicose veins are only bothered by the way they look; some may experience itching, pain, and other symptoms. Left untreated, this condition may rarely lead to other vascular issues.

What Should I Look for in a Vascular Surgeon?

If you have cosmetic concerns about your varicose veins or if you're experiencing itching, aching, or burning in the affected area, a qualified physician can provide treatment to help correct these issues. Look for a doctor who has completed a vascular surgery fellowship or is board-certified as a Vein Specialist with experience in treating varicose veins and spider veins. Ideally, you should seek care at a clinic that is completely dedicated to vein care and affiliated with a local hospital and health system.

What Are the Benefits of Varicose Vein Surgery?

People who don't like the way varicose veins look often find that their self-esteem and confidence improve after having them treated. Surgery may also help remove any discomfort associated with this condition, typically without requiring a lengthy hospital stay or recovery period. Sometimes, varicose veins can contribute to trouble sleeping; if you're experiencing insomnia or an uncontrollable desire to move your legs, vascular surgery may help provide relief. Severe varicose veins may also interfere with your activity level, so surgery may help improve your mobility and overall health.

Do I Need Varicose Vein Surgery?

Sometimes, lifestyle changes such as elevating the legs and wearing compression stockings can help improve the appearance and pain of varicose veins. When symptoms persist or cause skin issues, however, surgery may be the best option. Our medical team will help determine the best treatment plan for you depending on the severity of your varicose veins, your age and overall health status, your ability to withstand specific procedures, your aesthetic goals, and the status of any underlying medical conditions that may contribute to the development of varicose veins.


At Atlanta Vascular and Vein Specialists of GA, we offer a free screening to determine whether you could benefit from varicose vein procedure and detect other vascular issues that may require treatment. Contact us online or call 404-524-0095 today to schedule an appointment.

What Are My Treatment Options for Vein Conditions?

We offer various treatments for diseases and health conditions affecting the veins. Swollen, sometimes painful veins just under the skin are called varicose veins. These can be treated in our office with a procedure, which requires little to no downtime. Other conditions that may benefit from a vascular procedure include chronic venous insufficiency, phlebitis (inflammation of the vein), and deep vein thrombosis.


Whenever possible, we try to find non-surgical options for our patients, such as compression stockings and lifestyle changes. If needed, we can perform sclerotherapy injections, ablation, micro phlebectomy, bypass surgery, and angioplasty or stenting of a vein. Our team will help determine the best treatment option for your specific condition.

Comprehensive Vein Treatments

Atlanta Vascular and Vein Specialists of GA has been providing vein treatment services to patients in the Newnan, Fayetteville, and Sharpsburg areas for more than 40 years. Our staff includes highly skilled professionals such as board-certified vascular surgeons and licensed technicians.


Our experienced team members are equipped to treat any vein-related issue. We offer all kinds of procedures including:

  • Vascular
  • Endovascular
  • Microphlebectomy
  • Foam Ablations 
  • Radio Frequency Ablation

And a wide variety of other treatment options. Our vein procedures are covered by most insurance companies.

Available Vein Services

Free Vein Screening - you’ll discuss your symptoms, the effects on your daily living, and the types of treatment available with a certified vascular surgeon. If we feel it is necessary, we may perform a venous ultrasound screening for a closer look and discussion of treatment.


Varithena - Varithena is one of the most advanced treatments used to treat varicose veins caused by issues related to the great saphenous vein. The prescription foam is injected in very small doses and heals with many benefits.


Radiofrequency Ablation - this is a minimal-invasive, nonsurgical procedure where we insert a microscopic probe into the saphenous vein to emit pulses of heat using radiofrequency waves. This is a safe way to redirect blood flow to healthier veins.


Microphlebectomy - this is another minimally-invasive, nonsurgical process that is used primarily to remove large, unsightly varicose veins. This process results in quicker healing and less discomfort than other options and is less invasive. Treatment takes about an hour.


Support Hose - also called “compression hose”, support hose are specialized hosiery designed to slow down the development and further progression of varicose veins. They are an integral part of vein care and are used to reduce swelling and other symptoms. While they can’t prevent varicose veins from occurring, they can slow the development.


Ultrasound - our certified vein specialists use ultrasound to diagnose various vein diseases. This noninvasive, painless test uses high-frequency sound waves to make a visual representation of the blood vessels including arteries and veins.

If you have been diagnosed with a vein condition or believe you might have a condition that requires our services, call Atlanta Vascular and Vein Specialists of GA at 404-524-0095 to make an appointment for your free vein screening. We accept most major types of insurance, and we encourage you to fill out our new patient packet before your appointment.

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